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Everyone can search...


but not everyone can find


Whether it's researching
the patentability of a
single invention, 
exploring thousands of inventions across a patent landscape, or finding the latest advances in a
new area of technology,
Mc2 has you covered.


Having access to relevant information is crucial in today's data-rich environment.  Mc2 subscribes to some of the world's leading patent and technical literature databases to provide you with the best coverage possible.



You have many options
when it comes to patent and technical research services... from conducting your own online research to using other research services. 

Find out what advantages Mc2 has which set it apart from other choices. 



The ability to search for information has become readily available to most everyone. Place a few key words into a search engine and up pop your results. This works well when you're looking for quick answers to basic questions. But what if you're looking to patent a new invention, invalidate a competitor's patent, or explore new technologies?

The cost of missing some crucial piece of information can be extraordinary.  

  • Filing for a patent can easily cost thousands of dollars.

  • Prior art showing your invention is not unique can mean hours of wasted time and money.

  • Infringing on intellectual property can cost your company hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of dollars.  


A service like Mc2 can help assure that you have done your due diligence.

You need experienced researchers for your vital information needs. 
Mc2 has decades of experience searching the world's leading patent & technical literature databases for information from a wide variety of disciplines. Having an experienced researcher with an advanced scientific degree means you don't have to worry about explaining the technical details about your information needs - you can have an indiscipline discussion.

Everyone can search... but not everyone can find.

Searching patent and technical information is an art. 

 Mc2  has mastered that art.

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