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Structure Searching

What is a chemical structure search?

A truly comprehensive search of technical literature and patents for chemical compounds requires using multiple methods. A given chemical compound can be found usings its common name, trade name, official IUPAC name, etc. Another way to search for chemical compounds is to look for their unique Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registry numbers. Mc2 uses these and others, and has the ability to conduct a chemical structure search as well.





Using Questel Orbit Intelligence's chemistry upgrade (powered by Chemaxon), Mc2 is able to search worldwide patents using a chemical structure... either as an exact structure, or as family Markush
sub-structures (those with variable R-groups).
If you're also interested in chemical structure searching of non-patent technical literature, Mc2 is capable of conducting structure searches using Chemical Abstracts STN. 

By choosing Mc2, you will have the confidence that your chemical structure search will be conducted by a Ph.D. chemist with decades of research experience. Being able to link a chemical structure with other relevant terms or company names is a powerful method of identifying particular applications of a chemical compound.

How long does a chemical structure search take?

Chemical structure reports are typically delivered in 3 to 5 business days.

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