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Patent Landscape

(aka White Space or Technology Landscape searches)

What is a patent landscape?

Whether you are exploring or moving into a new area of technology, or would like to get an overview of what your competitors are up to, an evaluation of the patent landscape is a valuable resource.  A patent landscape search begins by collecting a large set of patents and patent applications focused on either an area of technology of interest, or assigned to a set of competitors (or a combination of both).  


What information can a patent landscape give me?

Analyzing a large set of patent data can provide answers companies need when making strategic business decisions:


  • What areas of technology are my competitors focusing on?

  • What have been the technology trends over the last ten years?

  • Who are the leading players in a particular area of technology?

  • Who are the companies and inventors coming up with the latest cutting edge inventions?

  • Are there any new startup companies to be aware of?

  • Which companies are only following the leaders in the field?

  • Are there areas of technology which are very crowded with patents?

  • Are there other open areas which may represent R&D opportunities?


What does a patent landscape report include?

Our patent landscape reports provide the following:

  • An overview of our search methodology including a combination of key terms and relevant patent classifications

  • An analysis of the set of patent data to answer your specific questions

  • A full set of charts and graphics which illustrate our findings

  • A link to interactive versions of the charts and graphics which provide additional details


How long does it take to complete a patent landscape report?

Patent landscape reports are typically delivered in 5 to 7 business days.

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