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What are the advantages of using Mc2 instead of doing your own research or using other similar research services?

  • Broad technical knowledge base and decades of searching experience. Mc2 provides you with the research expertise required to generate more focused and relevant information for your projects.

  • Access to the highest levels of the world's premier patent and technical literature databases.
    Mc2 ensures you will have the coverage needed to make sure you're not missing any key pieces
    of information.


  • Indiscipline discussions with a researcher who holds an advanced degree.

  • Rapid turnaround on your project.  Need information quickly?  Mc2 can deliver.

  • Highly customized results.  We work with you to ensure our reports meet your requirements.

  • Assurance. The cost of infringing on someone else's intellectual property can be extraordinary.  Mc2's meticulous and thorough research will provide you with greater peace of mind.

  • Flexible agreements. In addition to single projects, Mc2 also offers subscriptions at a reduced rate.

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