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Technology Scouting

What are the best ways to find new technologies?

Keeping an eye on new research in a particular area of technology is one of the best methods to identify new technologies. Recently published journal articles, conference papers, and patent applications can all provide useful insight into exciting new technologies (see our Technology Review & Monitoring for more details).

Our technology scouting is a more direct method of identifying new technologies of interest and involves an in-depth analysis of published literature and intellectual property to identify and review potential new technologies.

Can patents be used to scout new technologies?

In any set of patent there are inventions which are on the cutting edge of research, and others which are just making minor tweaks to existing technologies. How do you tell them apart? Using a variety of metrics, Mc2 is able to rank a set of inventions by how much of an impact they have in their industry.

What can a technology scouting report find?

Our technology scouting reports can provide you with actionable information, including:

  • New technologies to keep your R&D ahead of the curve

  • Key inventions to license or acquire

  • Find partners (new start-ups, innovative small companies or research groups)

  • Find leading researchers & scientists (expert witnesses, potential employees, etc.)

How long does it take to complete a technology scouting report?

Technology scouting reports are typically delivered in 5 to 7 business days.

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