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Research Services

Have a new idea for a patent?

You'll want to see if there is

any existing prior art first.

What does the patent landscape look like around

your areas of interest?

Do you want to know

what your competitors

are up to?

Need to find new sales leads?

Mc2 has unique methods to generate qualified contacts.

Do you need to monitor the medical literature for reports of adverse effects?


Need to know if an existing patent is valid?  Are you seeking to invalidate a patent?

Looking to license your patent or find others to license?

Mc2 can assist.

Have a need to search patents for a chemical structure?

Mc2 has that capability.

Are there any
active patents 
that may cause a problem for you?

Would you like to keep up with the latest advances in your

area of technology?

Is your patent portfolio

costing your company

unnecessary fees?

Technology Scouting

How do you find new technologies?  
Mc2 can help!

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