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Portfolio Pruning

What is patent portfolio pruning?

Once a patent is granted, regular maintenance fees are required to keep that patent active, and these fees continue to increase as patents get older.  For companies with larger patent portfolios these fees can reach millions.  Performing regular portfolio pruning can easily save your company many times the cost of working with Mc2.

Ideally most of a company's patents will be supporting existing or planned products.  Other patents however may be just sitting there costing your company maintenance fees.  Mc2 is able to analyze those unused patents in order to generate a ranked listing based on various key metrics.  This ranked list of patents will enable you to identify those you may want to license or sell, and those you may want to just let expire.

How long does a patent portfolio pruning report take?

Portfolio pruning reports are typically delivered in 5 to 7 business days.


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